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Authentic images that capture truth and beauty.

My craft and your love story come together in images that are masterful, captivating & honest.

Christopher Brown

southern california & beyond WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER


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I thrive when I can use photography to innovate, discovering how to harness the most beautiful, natural light possible in every scenario. photographing weddings allows me to flex my skill in every Photography genus, from fashion to architectural, still life to editorial and beyond.


One of the things I am most grateful for is the ability to travel and experience new cultures around the world. I've noticed that my eyes see things differently when I have my camera; There's always a story to be told and an adventure to be had, a truth to memorialize.


The joy is in the journey - your wedding should be an entire day dedicated to enjoying the here and now, surrounded by the love of friends and family. through the artistry (and science!) of Christopher Brown Weddings candid photography, you can live purely in the moment, knowing that your wedding photographs will be a beautiful, soulful record of your life's most precious moments.

...enjoying THE MOMENT

I have always loved hearing the stories told by my elders. Craving my own adventures, I got behind the lens and started documenting the lives and loves around me. Each wedding I photograph is an opportunity to create a record of truth, a cherished memento, a chronicling of the greatest story ever told - your love story.


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Let's talk about your Southern California wedding and the important elements of your love story.

Truly beautiful and stirring images are the result of equal parts science and artistry. Photography was a hobby for a long time, without considering that it would be a business or career. Because of this I was able to focus on the art of photography, developing my eye for composition, lighting and capturing the right moment.

Now, with over a decade of experience and the birth of Christopher Brown Weddings in 2015, I get to do what I love for people who are in love.


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