October 7, 2016

Josh & Kayla- Intimate Sunset Beach Wedding

I was very thrilled when Josh and Kayla asked me to photograph their wedding. They have been close friends of mine for a while now and I loved documenting their day. With all of Kayla’s close friends and family flying in from Montreal it was a very special time to capture everyone spending time together in one place. Check out all the wonderful images below! 

1. What were your first impressions of each other?

His impression of her:

She was so gorgeous, not just her appearance, but her vibrant and contagious energy. She just drew me to her like a magnet!

Her impression of him:

He is tall, strong & handsome! His eyes & his smile are captivating. He must be too good to be true, because he is so handsome and so kind! (As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover because he is the Real Deal)

2.  Did you learn anything about yourselves while planning your wedding?

It is all about our love. That no matter how much time we have to plan something so special, it is all going to happen as planned and be beautiful. This wedding really helped us find a “groove” where we both felt productive and a part of a team to accomplish this incredible goal.

3.  If forced to choose, what would you say was the highlight of your wedding day?

Spending quantify time with both our families up at the remarkable villa we rented.  Kayla’s family from Montreal, Canada stayed at this villa from Thursday to Monday, and it was so special to spend time with them after not seeing them for 3 months! Family & quality time are some of our most important values, so these memories will never be forgotten!

4. Do you have any advice for brides- and grooms-to-be?

Don’t stress – because everyone will feel it. Our favorite thing is hearing how much everyone enjoyed the beach wedding & villa reception because it was so easy-going, full of love, joy and everything flowed naturally. We went with that flow, rather than having it be so structured! We got to spend time with EVERYONE, and they all got to talk to one another, and really blend together as one family. Plus, we had a daytime wedding. The ceremony started after 11am, and this gave us the rest of the day & evening to spend time with our family & friends!


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