August 3, 2017

You Should Absolutely Consider the Golden Hour

During both your wedding day and engagement session, the golden hour is an absolute must when it comes to taking romantic photos. The two of you are filled with so much love and excitement that it is without a doubt these moments should be achieved with the best lighting possible!

Let your photographer steal you away at this perfect moment while the sun is near its setting hour. This magical occurrence is approximately an hour before sunset. The sun is at just the right position to give a nice golden glow, and trust me you will fall in love with the lighting.

This time is so essential that I’d even recommend taking 15-20 minutes at any point of your wedding timeline to capture this fleeting moment-even if it occurs during dinner. You will always have time to eat, but the time is yours to get amazing images on your wedding day!

The golden hour will provide soft, even lighting and warm skin tones resulting in much more flattering photos of the two of you. It is also the perfect opportunity to capture the sun flares for beautiful backlighting.

Because the golden hour is the first sunset you will share together as a married couple, it will evoke more intimate and romantic feelings between you and your partner. This is why I recommend briefly pulling you away at any point of your wedding timeline to share this magical moment. Let this scene highlight and showcase the love you two express for each other. It will be worth seeing for many years to come! 


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