August 9, 2017

Connie & Nick Wedding- Private Estate in Los Angeles

When and how did you two first meet? 

Funny enough Nick and I met in Jr. High School… and went to high school together. We both went to cheer camp together but didn’t start dating until until several years later in 2010.

What was the most special moment of the day? 

I had a few.. First when my best friend and also groomsman Fabio saw me in my dress while we were waiting in the party bus. His reactions and tears was priceless, Nick’s vows to me and my girls and when the girls joined us on the dance floor for our first dance(Nick’s favorite part too).

 What was the most surprising thing that happened on your wedding day? 

Surprisingly I wasn’t nervous just ready to get the show on the road. The other surprising thing was there wasn’t one problem throughout the wedding… everyone thing went off as planned and surprisingly sooooooo much more then I could have imagined. Truly the most amazing day!!


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