September 8, 2018

Arthur & Ashley-El Matador Beach Proposal


Why did you choose El Matador State Beach for your proposal location? 

Since Ashley and I started dating we have always enjoyed going outdoors for our dates. We have gone hiking on many different trails, snowboarding, and to a few different beaches here in So Cal. We loved getting out and being active! I knew she liked the outdoors so much. I knew that the only place I would ever want to propose to Ashley would be surrounded by amazing natural views. But, I also wanted to make sure that she was dressed up for the special day. We are usually all dirty and sweaty on our regular hikes. So, picking a beach in Malibu (somewhere Ashley has never been) allowed me to tell a little white lie to assure that she was dressed up. I told her that since we were going to be in Malibu to view a chapel at Pepperdine University we might as well go to a nice dinner. She agreed, and I also told her that Malibu is “super fancy” so we have to dress up so we fit in. And that’s all I needed to make sure everything else was in place. I chose El Matador State Beach. After looking at a few amazing photos and the fact that it was only about 15 minutes from Pepperdine. It was easy to play it off as a quick detour for us to take a few pictures. We could use as we create digital invites for our upcoming wedding. So, she was dressed up beautifully! The location was beautiful! And Chris captured the beautiful moment! It all came together well and the pictures are spectacular!

What were your emotions leading up to the proposal?

I was relaxed leading up to the proposal. Chris texted me a few times before. He was updating me on what he was seeing at the beach and confirmed which option was going to be best based on lighting and the views. Which we had already narrowed down to 3 options after collaborating online to map it all out! So, I knew exactly where to go, what time to be there, and was confident that Chris would be in the best place to capture it all. Yet, Chris was a referral from a friend and we did not have any idea what each other looked like. I had to sneakily send a selfie to Chris and let him know what I was wearing. I assumed that the only photographer taking pictures of the stairs leading down to the beach was my photographer. We luckily made eye contact and with a simple nod, we were on the same page! And then it was only a matter of getting to my spot and asking. I was just thinking about being excited to finally ask Ashley to marry me. The only other thing that went through my mind was, “wow, there are a lot of people here!” But, Chris did a great job of clearing some people out. He did an even better job of taking pictures that made it seem like were had the entire beach to ourselves!!

Are you happy you hired a photographer to capture this?

Without a doubt! Having a professional photographer capture this candid and special moment was worth every dollar! Having such high-quality pictures to forever look back on is priceless. Having pictures taken without Ashley noticing made it so that it was completely natural. It made the moment unique and spectacular. And everyone that has seen the photos so far have absolutely loved them!!!


What would you recommend to someone looking to have their proposal captured on camera

Not only do I recommend it, but I would also go so far on say its required. Work with Chris beforehand to plan it out. Let him know that you want candid photos, and then focus on asking the all-important question. You will not even know he is there! Yet, when he delivers the photos a few short days later, you will forever remember. He was in fact there to capture it all and do so with the highest quality and craftsmanship possible. DO NOT let this moment go un-captured. You, your spouse, your family, and everyone that ever sees the photos will appreciate it!!!


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