July 30, 2018

Chelsea & Daniel Wedding- Historic Cottage San Clemente

1. What moment from your day stands out the most in your memory? 

The Ceremony. After all this time, it felt so surreal to be in that moment. We were so excited and happy to be getting married, but also couldn’t believe it was finally, actually happening!

2. What surprised you most from your wedding day?

Time. It seems like people always talk about how your wedding day will go by quickly, but it really does! We never thought it would go by as fast as it did. We would have liked to have more time to spend with all of our friends and family.

3. What advice would you offer to newly engaged couples planning their wedding day?

Relax. Try not to get caught up in all the little details — don’t worry, they will all get worked out in due time. Stay on top of your planning and give yourself a little longer than you think you need, but also have downtime to reflect and enjoy the process.

4. Describe your day in three words?

Beautiful, fun, and an absolute whirlwind.

5. What was most important to you both on your wedding day?

That our friends and family have fun!

6. What made you guys decide on The Historic Cottage in San Clemente for your wedding?

The venue was exactly what we wanted — a blank slate with an amazing location and view by the ocean.
The venue also has a lot of sentimental value for us. We loved that the venue is in San Clemente, where we spent most of our years growing up and now live. Chelsea also used to work at the San Clemente State Park when she was in high school and college and has very fond memories of her time spent there — especially the times when Daniel would stop by to visit or surprise her with “gifts” (usually breakfast, lunch, or coffee) ­čÖé

7. What were the 3 most important elements that you were looking for in a photographer?

A photographer with a real eye for capturing natural and candid shots, whose pictures were bold and full of color. We also wanted a photographer that was nice and professional, but easy-going and laid-back. Someone who we could feel comfortable with and be our natural selves around. Christopher was all of those things and more.


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