July 11, 2019

Sea Legs Wedding in Huntington Beach

Sea Legs Wedding in Huntington Beach uses the best attributes of its location for a beautiful wedding. Most people know Huntington Beach as the world capital of surfing, but to the people at Sea Legs Wine Bar in Bolsa Chica State Beach, it becomes a prime spot to celebrate a marriage. All the variables can seem intimidating—the sand, the tide, the wind, and the seagulls, to name a few—Sea Legs transforms Southern California’s best natural export into a casual, beautiful and practical location for a wedding on the beach.

Sea Legs HB beach venue

Sea Legs revolves around several rules, like rule three, beat the heat, and rule four, they can refuse service to anyone. Rules one, two and five; being thankful for the day, applauding sunsets and setting all clocks to 5 p.m., stand out more. Natural beauty, liberal imbibing and a relaxed atmosphere lay the foundation for this wine bar.

Sea Legs wedding venue

Don’t worry, those who need some solid ground to walk on will find it. A large arbor hangs over a concrete island, giving those who may not have the spot’s namesake somewhere to resituate. That portion becomes a hub of sorts, a place for refreshments and fellowship. “If you are lucky enough to drink wine by the sea, you are lucky enough,” you’ll read on the right-hand side facing toward the ocean. The results of such a combo go without saying. While some might use platformed walkways, no one should fear pulling off a wedding mostly on the sand.

Sea Legs Huntington Beach Wedding

Sea Legs wedding details

Sea Legs wedding ceremony

1. Did you enjoy getting married on the beach?
I really loved getting married on the beach. It felt very California! I worried that there would be a lot of people walking around, but being a Friday the beach remained pretty empty. I also worried about being cold, but I think we lucked out with the weather.
2. What made you decide on Sea legs in Huntington beach for your wedding venue?
We had originally chosen another venue; however, that venue did not have anything set up so we would have had to bring in absolutely everything. Sea Legs is beautiful and is specifically designed for weddings, so we had a lot less work!
3. Did you have any surprises on your wedding day?
I don’t think anything really surprised me. All the love and support blew me away. It’s nice to be reminded that you have so many people that love and care about you.

4. What do you hope your guest remember most about your wedding day?
I hope that they remember it being really fun and not overly traditional. We definitely wanted a more relaxed, less formal feel.

5. Which moment will you remember the most?
I think my most memorable moment was the ceremony. I was really nervous beforehand, but once I got up I felt totally comfortable and so excited.

Sea Legs wedding in huntington beach

beach wedding huntington beach

bride walking down the aisle

beach wedding orange county

beach wedding OC

bride and groom on the beach

bride and groom wedding venue OC

Bride and groom married on the beach

6. Would you have done anything differently?
I can’t really think of anything I would do differently. The size of our wedding worked really well because we got to actually talk to everyone, but even with around 70 people I still feel like I didn’t get to spend enough time with s0me guests. With a smaller guests list, I could have really spent time with each person.

mom and bride on the beach

groom with mother on the beach

ring barrier on the beach

Sea Legs reception wedding venue

candid receptions on the beach

Reception Speech on the beach

Toast on the beach with friends

Best man speech in OC

Sea Legs bride and groom together

The actual procession takes place several meters away from the building, and for good reason. With a world-famous coastline as your backdrop, the aesthetics speak for themselves. The glistening ocean and golden sand provides a fantastic scenery, but the evening reveals why Sea Legs enforces that second rule. Huntington Beach sunsets perfectly top off a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. The most opportune shots come together at this time, as the lighting becomes progressively more workable as the sun descends.

Bride and Groom at Sea Legs venue in OC

Bride and groom kissing in HB

Bride and groom walking on Beach in OC

Sea Legs wedding venue in Huntington Beach

Bolsa Chica has a healthy balance between the renowned landmark of Huntington Beach to the local favorite of Sunset Beach. Sea Legs’ position in between the two also allows Huntington Pier to become a distant ornament without the population spike becoming a factor. The way they host some of the most personalized events imaginable on a public beach defies expectations. Through a combination of “share the beach” culture and common sense, one of the world’s most-visited beaches can take on a more private atmosphere.

Sea Legs wedding venue in Huntington Beach in OC

dancing on the beach

Sea Legs wears its California pride on its sleeve, but not at the cost of a couple’s unique touches. The more casual environment makes the people themselves the completion of the wedding’s look. Where a church or country club has its own set design and architecture, the open-air emphasis of Sea Legs solidifies a more adaptable and personable feel. To be sure, the furnishings and hardware can and do ensure a comfortable, high-quality experience.

dancing on the beach in OC

dancing on the beach Sea Legs

Sea Legs wedding venue

Sea Legs wedding reception

reception at Sea Legs

Sea Legs wedding reception time

Sea Legs wedding reception bride and groom

Sea Legs wedding reception dancing

Sea Legs wedding reception dancing time

Sea Legs wedding reception in HB

Sea Legs wedding reception details

If the sun becomes a bit too much, well-placed arbors can provide a welcome respite. A loose bare-foot policy, makes sure anyone wanting to enjoy the So-Cal sand can easily do so. This works especially well for younger attendees, who essentially have a giant sandbox to keep them occupied. For the dancing, well, the proper form won’t stay on many people’s minds after witnessing the best day of two people’s lives. The visual treat of a joyous family dancing the night away as the sun sinks beneath the western horizon makes why Sea Legs does what they do crystal clear.

A day spent at Sea Legs proves that taming Bolsa Chica for a wedding is not only possible but gorgeous.

Sea Legs wedding walk on the beach

Sea Legs wedding reception details bride and groom

Sea Legs wedding reception bride and groom

Sea Legs wedding reception kissing bride and groom

Bride lol

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