Newlywed couple sharing an embrace with each other with their backs to the camera and looking over beach view, captured by Christopher Brown Weddings

October 7, 2022

Candid, Intimate Five Crowns Wedding In Corona Del Mar | Luke + Kate

When a Five Crowns wedding comes along that involves taking a ride in a convertible mustang to the nearby beach to capture romantic moments between the bride and groom, it’s a given the shots are going to be incredible. Thankfully, this Five Crowns wedding followed that rule instead of breaking it.

I love shooting in Corona Del Mar for just this reason. I love shooting a Five Crowns wedding even more because it’s a venue I’ve shot at many times before, and it’s a classy and intimate place to shoot. So, I was happy to shoot Luke and Kate’s wedding there too.

Luke and Kate’s Five Crowns Wedding Day

Luke and Kate, a local firefighter and teacher, wanted to share their intimate wedding day with those closest to them in a relaxed, comfortable, yet classy setting, and the Five Crowns wedding venue provided just that.

It was a beautiful day for their Five Crowns wedding. The whole day was very in the moment, and it allowed ample opportunities to capture those in-between moments that I enjoy, such as candid moments on the dancefloor during the reception and some emotional and heartfelt moments during the wedding toasts. 

My favorite moments though were when Luke and Kate slipped away in their convertible mustang to take some shots on the beach. I got to take some pictures as we all headed there, some more after arriving, and still some more on the beach itself. 

Lighting on a beach can make for some incredible shots. Being the beautiful day that it was, we found that lighting quickly, which lent a dreamlike quality to the photos. 

Part of why I do what I do is to give couples those moments and to capture those moments for them. I know that time can be stressful for some, which is why I work to make them feel relaxed and comfortable not just during the day but also in front of the camera. Kate said I was the perfect photographer for their Five Crowns wedding for this reason.

Back at Five Crowns, it was time for the reception. It was just as classy as the Five Crowns wedding itself. Even when the dancing and then the sparklers broke out, everyone was having a great time. It was the kind of experience no one wanted to end, least of all Luke and Kate, who could be seen kissing as the night slowly came to a close.

Final Thoughts

This candid Five Crowns wedding for Luke and Kate reflected the true essence of a classy wedding. The day was beautiful, the setting was intimate, and all of it allowed for those precious in-between moments that let them keep on living that day even after it was over. 

That’s another of the reasons I enjoy doing what I do: getting to capture those moments for couples. If you’re interested in a Five Crowns wedding or getting those moments captured well, let’s get in touch and start working out the details. I’d love to hear from you.


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