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November 11, 2022

Beachy Crystal Cove Engagement Photos | Stephanie & Kyle

I love shooting wedding and engagement photos, including this Dreamlike El Matador Engagement Session, for all sorts of reasons, but mostly it’s because I get to meet so many people, and I get to be a part of their visions for these special days. I also love going to such great locations for these photoshoots and using my experience with those spots to help the couple bring their vision to life. This was the case with these Crystal Cove engagement photos I took for Stephanie and Kyle, so I’d like to tell you a little bit about it.

Stephanie And Kyle’s Story

Stephanie and Kyle chose me to be their engagement photographer thanks to a referral from one of their friends. It always makes me happy to know people find quality in my services enough to recommend me to others.

Stephanie and Kyle are both busy, career-oriented people, so taking pictures like these weren’t something they were used to. Still, they wanted something special, so we developed the plan for their Crystal Cove engagement photos together. It wasn’t going to be anything too complex either. Just something simple that allowed their love for each other to shine through, which we achieved perfectly.

Their Crystal Cove Engagement Photos

Crystal Cove is one of my favorite little spots for taking photos. On the day of Stephanie and Kyle’s photoshoot, the conditions were especially good. We went there during sunset. There was no wind, and there weren’t many people taking photos there besides us.

Now, summertime during the weekends at this location is usually really packed. The good news is, we have better chances on the weekdays. This is a big reason as to why I go during sunset or in the early mornings on weekdays to take pictures with couples. There just aren’t a lot of people at these locations during these times, which makes it ideal for getting the kinds of shots my couples want. Plus, sunsets and early mornings provide great light for photoshoots, too.

What I really loved about taking these Crystal Cove engagement photos was how many different spots within Crystal Cove we took the photos in. Some couples want to stick to one main area, but with Stephanie and Kyle part of their story became about their journey as we went from one spot to the next. Doing this added a nice variety and flow to the photoshoot that otherwise might not have been there. This also gave us plenty of opportunities to find the right angles and backdrops for them.

Although Stephanie and Kyle aren’t big picture people, they did great in front of the camera, I must say. They had plenty of smiles for me to capture, and they were great about looking relaxed and natural in such a beautiful location. It truly ended up feeling like they were just enjoying a little stroll on the beach together, and I was glad I got to be a part of that with them.

Looking For Some Crystal Cove Engagement Photos Of Your Own?

The end of a photoshoot is always a little bittersweet. I’m happy I got to help a great couple with moments that were special to them, but I’m also sad that the experience is over. However, I also look forward to the next one. 

So, are you looking for some Crystal Cove engagement photos of your own? Or maybe you’re looking for some engagement photos in a different location? If you are, I’d love to help. You can check out this Intimate and Private Laguna Beach Engagement Session for more inspo! Send me your thoughts, and we can start working out the details for your own great photoshoot!


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