Bride and groom sharing a kiss with bride's veil swaying in the wind at Seven Degrees, taken by Christopher Brown Weddings

November 4, 2022

Classy Seven Degrees Wedding At Laguna Beach | Alison & Joe

Alison, a local California girl, and Joe, originally from England, finally got to tie the knot at the Seven Degrees wedding venue in Laguna Beach. This was after a lengthy delay because of the pandemic. 

Covid has affected so many weddings, and couples like Alison and Joe have had to postpone their wedding on multiple occasions. This was heartbreaking for the couple and the families involved, especially because Joe’s family was flying in from England for the wedding.

You could see just how much the occasion meant to their family members. All you had to do was look at the relief and joy on their faces as they held hands and watched Alison and Joe’s wedding ceremony unfold. 

This was a special one given everything that happened prior, and the Seven Degrees wedding venue helped it to be even more so. The ceremony area at the venue was beautifully set up with an elegant floral arch that framed the couple well as they shared their vows. 

During the ceremony, one of the moments that really touched me was the emotional exchange between Alison’s dad and his daughter as he gave her away. This was made even more emotional when Alison’s dad gave Joe a fatherly hug. These are the moments I look to capture for couples, and I’m glad I was able to do that for Alison, Joe, and their families.

Alison And Joe’s Seven Degrees Wedding Day

Alison and Joe’s Seven Degrees wedding had a beautiful, elegant, and timeless feel that carried from one section of the wedding to the other throughout the entire day. Every aspect of the wedding was well done and lent itself to some great photos. The ambient candlelight and abundant flowers were beautiful and complimented the modern simplicity of the Seven Degrees wedding venue.

The bridal party was wonderful in their neutral-tone dresses. The groomsmen looked sharp in their classic black suits and black bowtie. Alison gracefully appeared arm-in-arm with her father in her stunning slimline dress. The simple color theme the couple chose for their big day was the perfect choice for an elegant Seven Degrees wedding.

For me, shooting a wedding at this location is nothing new. I’ve been here on several occasions before. In fact, Alison and Joe discovered my services because of my preferred vendor status at the Seven Degrees wedding venue. They loved how I captured emotional and timeless moments, which were really important for them as a couple. 

Final Thoughts

Your wedding day is a big part of your love story. There are many moments that make up this day. But you won’t get to see them all, and you may not remember a lot of them either. That’s something a good wedding photographer needs to understand.

For me, I know how important those intimate, emotional, and personal moments are for a couple. So, I take care to position myself where I know I’ll capture them the best. Plus, I work to make sure every couple I shoot feels comfortable in front of the camera, which I did here too.

I love helping couples in this way; I love knowing my work will help them to remember their special day for years to come. It’s great to know I can help out so much.

If you want to peruse my previous work or find inspiration for your own wedding shoot, you can check out this Beautiful Joshua Tree Elopement Styled Shoot or Luke and Kate’s Candid, Intimate Five Crowns Wedding in Corona Del Mar.

Lastly, if you’re looking to capture moments such as these for your own wedding, let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts and what I can do for you. 


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