Couple looking up and smiling with bride's bouquet, taken by Palm Springs wedding photographer Christopher Brown

October 28, 2022

The Ultimate Wedding Guide For Five Crowns In Corona Del Mar

Couple smiling during their wedding reception; image overlaid with text that reads The Ultimate Wedding Guide for Five Crowns in Corona del Mar

There’s one thing I’ve come to expect for weddings at Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar to be, and that’s classy. Every wedding I’ve shot in this idyllic Southern California venue has been nothing short of a wonderful experience with its old English charm and picturesque landscape. 

So, it’s no surprise that lots of couples love the idea of getting married at Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar. Saying, “I do,” in an intimate haven in a tiny seaside town? Who can resist? 

But, as a photographer, I enjoy the fact that being a recreation of England’s oldest country inn, Ye Olde Bell, Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar has endless photo opportunities. The classic ambiance, beautiful coastline, and Tudor-style architecture of the place offer plenty of options for stunning shots.

If you’re thinking of having an intimate wedding at Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar too, I’ve put together a quick guide on how you can make your wedding one to remember.

A Classic And Elegant Wedding At Five Crowns In Corona Del Mar

Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar is the perfect venue for couples who are looking for a unique hidden gem that’s intimate, classic, and elegant, all while being in close proximity to family and close friends. The venue is nestled in the quaint seaside village of Corona Del Mar, which is in southern California.

There are so many photo opportunities within the venue. In fact, right at the very entrance, you can find a few great spots including the red British phone booth and the grey wall on the side of the building. I love the grey wall, especially for bridal party photos and couple photos.

Bride and groom posing next to grey wall at Five Crowns in Corona del Mar, taken by Christopher Brown Weddings

Another great photo opportunity is crossing the street near the venue. As a wedding photographer, I really believe in ‘movement’ rather than ‘posing’, and in that way, couples can be as candid as they want, and their shots will come out reflecting that.

Bride and groom smiling at each other while crossing the street near Five Crowns in Corona del Mar, taken by Christopher Brown

Ideal for smaller parties, it’s also the venue of choice for couples who prefer an elopement-type event or an intimate celebration. That’s one of the great things about Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar as a wedding venue. It offers plenty of options for people looking for something different.

The Ultimate Wedding Guide For Five Crowns In Corona Del Mar. Wedding ceremony venue with wedding arch and rows of chairs.

Get Away To The Beach For Stunning Sunset Shots

When you’re getting married at Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar, part of the package is the nearby beaches. The beaches closest to the venue are Crystal Cove and Corona Del Mar.

When the ceremony is over, take the time to steal away from the party and have a sweet after-party of your own, just the bride and the groom, down at the beach. Alternatively, it’s also a great time during cocktail hour to head to the beach for sunset photos. Plus, 30-40 minutes for a quick beach shoot is plenty of time so you don’t miss out too much on the party!

Walk hand-in-hand with the setting sun as your backdrop and sand in your toes. Make it a moment that you as a couple will enjoy. Most couples get overwhelmed by the events of the day and forget to have fun or truly soak in the moment. Don’t forget to enjoy your wedding day at Five Crowns. Also, it’s these slices of time away from the crowd that make for some great photos.

Sunsets are also great not just because the lighting is good but also because there’s just something about a couple sharing a moment at sunset that brings out so much emotion.

Having these sunset moments are also great for couples who don’t like photo sessions that are staged or who simply don’t enjoy sessions that take too long. You can relax, be your natural self, and allow your true feelings to shine through. That way, you are telling your own story.

Say “I Do” At The Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar’s Patio And Garden

For a true wedding at Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar, the ceremony has to be at the garden and patio. You don’t need to add much to the venue because it’s already beautiful as it is.

Couple share a kiss as they are pronounced husband and wide, taken by Temecula wedding photographer Christopher Brown

Take a look at this intimate wedding at Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar that I photographed to see what I mean. It’s simple, relaxed, and yet so elegant. Best for small parties, this ceremony area can seat up to 150 people without feeling or looking crowded.

The outdoor lighting is naturally great here too, making capturing you and your soon-to-be spouse saying, “I do,”  a lot of fun. There are also plenty of angles to play around with too. 

Host Your Reception Party At Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar’s Sunlit Greenhouse

For the reception party, why not go for the greenhouse? Whether you’re having a reception party in the evening or earlier in the day, this spot is fantastic. 

For a brunch reception, the sunlight washing through the greenhouse’s glass panels is more than enough lighting to give your reception shots the idyllic old-world charm that a wedding at Five Crowns is always going to showcase well. In the evening, warm lights give the party a romantic glow.

For bigger receptions, you can opt to set up tables outside the greenhouse as well. The entire space can take over the whole back area of the restaurant. After the ceremony is over, you can clear it out and put tables and chairs outside as well as inside to accommodate more wedding guests.

Bride and groom sitting at their table during the reception at Five Crowns in Corona del Mar

For a more whimsical reception venue, you can book the Brighton Room, which sports two fireplaces and can accommodate up to 60 guests.

As with the types of weddings you can have at Five Crowns you’ve got lots of options for how you want to make use of the space too.

Include Prime Rib At Your Reception Dinner

If you’re from Orange County, you already know that Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar is also known as a culinary landmark. And the best dish on the menu? Prime rib. It wouldn’t be a wedding at Five Crowns without you and your guests sampling this one-of-a-kind dish.

The Ultimate Wedding Guide For Five Crowns In Corona Del Mar. Close-up shot of wedding reception table with floral centerpiece.

Final Thoughts

Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar will always be one of my favorite wedding destinations. It’s relaxed, beautiful, and elegant, everything that a classy intimate wedding is supposed to be. I love shooting there, and I hope to do that again soon.

So, if you’re looking at doing your own wedding at Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar, let me know. I’d love to hear from you!


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