Couple sharing an embrace with sun shining behind them, taken by Temecula wedding photographer Christopher Brown

October 21, 2022

Dreamlike El Matador Beach Photoshoot for Engagement

Once again, I got to combine my love for photography with my love for traveling for David and Raajan’s romantic winter El Matador Beach photoshoot for their engagement. I loved going back to this incredible destination and found the perfect spots to capture every beautiful and intimate moment between this loving couple.

The Inspiration For This Photoshoot

Lighting is an important part of any photoshoot. Take a look at my Pasadena City Hall photoshoot to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

When it comes to winter photoshoots though, whether that’s on a beach or somewhere else, lighting is especially important. Winter light can help set an intimate and deep mood, especially in the evening. It’s also tricky to get right since the winter sun goes down so fast, but I’ve done an El Matador Beach photoshoot several times before, so I knew how to get the most out of this stunning location. This was part of the reason why David decided to work with me.

I also aim for a natural style, which you can see more of in photoshoots like this Joshua Tree elopement styled shoot, and he liked that, too.

The Shoot

David and Raajan were a bit late, but that wasn’t a problem since I knew exactly where we needed to go and exactly how to take the best shots. 

For some of those shots, David and Raajan chose to wear black, which added to that moody winter feel. Had it been another season, I would’ve told them to wear something else, but it worked out in this case. 

During the shoot, I helped them to feel comfortable and loving with one another. We took shots in the water, on the hills overlooking the beach, and against the rocks. That’s one of the great things about an El Matador Beach photoshoot; everywhere you look there’s a great picture you can take. 

Eventually, they switched to some lighter colors for their clothes, which lightened up the mood too. We had some fun taking those photos for their photoshoot, and it showed in their smiles and laughter. 

In the end, we got a nice mix of shots for their photoshoot, and David and Raajan got the engagement shoot they were looking for. For me, there’s nothing better.

Your Own El Matador Beach Photoshoot

While I like traveling to new locations and exploring what I can come up with for couples, it’s always nice to go back to areas I know well too. That way, I can take advantage of the experience I have to deliver the high-quality shots my couples are looking for.

Whether you want to do an El Matador Beach photoshoot or do your photoshoot somewhere else, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you need, and I’ll make it happen.


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