Bride and groom holding hands and sharing an embrace during their Pelican Hill wedding shoot with Christopher Brown Weddings

January 13, 2023

Emma & Jake’s Family-Oriented Newport Beach Wedding At Pelican Hill

Emma and Jake’s intimate Newport Beach wedding took place at Pelican Hill, a great venue that would normally be booked solid with weddings and events. For Emma and Jake’s Newport Beach wedding, it was the opposite. Their wedding took place during one of the toughest times for people around the world. But they showed just how amazing love is and how it can prevail over anything, even a pandemic. 

This is the story of their Newport Beach wedding at Pelican Hill, and I’m happy to share it with you!

Emma And Jake’s Newport Beach Wedding Day

It’s always a little easier to work with a couple I’ve worked with before. I’m always willing and eager to photograph any wedding or engagement, but once a relationship is established and a couple knows firsthand what I can do for them, it makes the process much smoother. 

I had the opportunity of working with this awesome couple for their intimate engagement shoot down at Laguna Beach. Their Newport Beach wedding photos at Pelican Hill benefitted from this since I had an understanding of how they worked, and they had the same understanding of me. 

Pelican Hill made the process even better since it’s a phenomenal Newport Beach wedding venue. There are so many spots and places to check out. They offer the most amazing, elegant backdrops for some truly incredible photos.  

That was a big part of what made this photoshoot so enjoyable to do. Aside from working with Emma and Jake, who were just as great to work with as before, it was getting to explore Pelican Hill with them. They wanted a chill day and lots of candids. So, we spent a good part of their Newport Beach wedding photoshoot just taking in what Pelican Hill had to offer and using it to elevate their photos. 

But Emma and Jake’s Newport Beach wedding wasn’t just about them. At the time, due to the pandemic, obviously people had to quarantine for completely understandable reasons. As a result, Emma and Jake’s wedding only had their family, but not a single person let this bother them.

Emma and Jake’s family gathered together to help make Emma and Jake’s wedding day special. They helped Emma get dressed, posed with them for photos, played guitar, cheered them on, and so much more. They were truly inspiring, and I was glad to have been privileged enough to be a part of what they did. 

Final Thoughts

I’m incredibly happy Emma and Jake got their family-oriented wedding. Helping bring people’s weddings to life in any way I can is so fulfilling for me. I’m hoping I can do the same for many more people.

So, if you’re planning an intimate Newport Beach wedding or a wedding anywhere else, let me know! I love traveling, and I’d love to hear your ideas. I’m always happy to share my own too, so we can come up with the best wedding possible. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that things can change at any moment, so let’s get started now before they do.


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