Couple sharing a kiss at their wedding arch at their Ragged Point Inn wedding, captured by Christopher Brown Weddings

December 9, 2022

Alyssa & Amanda’s Proud Ragged Point Inn Wedding

I love being a part of a couple’s special day, and I was delighted to shoot Alyssa and Amanda’s Ragged Point Inn wedding. The Ragged Point Inn & Resort is a fantastic place to have a wedding, as it offers the perfect romantic setup for any couple.

Alyssa & Amanda’s Ragged Point Inn Wedding Day Story

The Ragged Point Inn is an amazing place on the cliffs overlooking Big Sur, and Alyssa and Amanda, along with all their guests, had a great time there.

Alyssa and Amanda are based in New York and chose to travel cross-country to have a Ragged Point Inn wedding, which goes to show just how special they wanted this day to be.

For me, everything for this Ragged Point Inn wedding started with their getting-ready shots. You never quite know where a getting-ready location will be. This time it was at a house, which left plenty of room to get great photos. 

I always feel privileged taking pictures of the getting-ready moments because these are times most wedding guests will never see, but they’re an important part of a couple’s journey, so I take just as much time with these as I do with any other photo. 

They can be just as fun too! Everyone was all smiles and laughs, enjoying each other’s company as they got ready for the big day. The matching clothes were a nice touch.

Next was the first look, which took place inside a forest near the Ragged Point Inn. It felt like something out of a fairytale. 

When it was time for their Ragged Point Inn wedding, Alyssa and Amanda exchanged their vows under a gazebo overlooking the ocean and Big Sur’s cliffs. When it was all said and done, they walked hand-in-hand while everyone waved pride flags, which was a great way to show love and support for Alyssa and Amanda.

Golden Beauty At The Ragged Point Inn Wedding Reception

During the reception, I had the privilege of capturing many special moments. There were so many toasts, and all of them came from the heart. Several were capped off with hugs between the happy couple and the people giving them. 

Although every moment is important in a wedding, these are the ones I go out of my way to capture. As a wedding photographer, I love the challenge of making sure my clients have great photos to remember all the joyful moments that might otherwise be forgotten. 

This continued as the sun slowly went down. The live band did their job perfectly, hitting every song and livening up the atmosphere. The celebration continued in the night with dancing under the stars, drinks, and more personal moments. I managed to get the couple away for a little bit so we could take some final shots of them together too.

Are you looking for a Ragged Point Inn wedding of your own? Or maybe another venue in Big Sur? I love this location, and I’m happy to head back to help capture your special day too. Just let me know what you’re thinking, and we can start planning it out!


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