July 31, 2023

Krista and Kevin’s Intimate Palos Verdes Engagement

If you haven’t been to Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes, I have to say, I think you’re missing out. I loved shooting at this location, and I had a great time working with Krista and Kevin. They found me through Rayanne Rose, and I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their engagement.

It took a little time to get Krista and Kevin comfortable in front of the camera, but they were total naturals before long. Since there were so many amazing spots to shoot at within Neighborhood Church, we took our time exploring the area. It was a truly gorgeous Palos Verdes engagement session.

Krista & Kevin: Nothing But Smiles

Krista and Kevin met on a cruise in 2013, but they didn’t officially get together until 2017. They’re both in the semiconductor business; Kevin is a quality engineer, and Krista is in procurement. They both golf (but it’s more of Kevin’s passion) and love hanging out at home with a good movie.

They also love traveling, which is why they settled on a Palos Verdes engagement photoshoot at Neighborhood Church. When they let me know what they wanted for their intimate beach engagement, I was thrilled to help them announce their upcoming nuptials. Plus, they were an awesome couple, and I had a great time connecting with them!

An Intimate Palos Verdes Engagement

Krista and Kevin dressed up in outfits that perfectly complimented the ambiance of the location. Krista wore a classy Modcon white engagement dress, and Kevin had a dapper blue shirt and slacks. Their big smiles said it all—they were beyond excited about this special day.

These two clearly have so much love for one another, and it shows. They are so happy to get started with this new wonderful chapter of their lives. We took a ton of great pictures at Neighborhood Church and then went down to RAT Beach.

Even though it turned a little bit cloudy later in the day, we still took some great photos during Blue Hour (just after the sunset). The whole beach looked dreamy and moody, which was incredibly romantic. 

These two were game for anything, especially since it felt like were in their own little world. I’m glad I was able to create an environment where they felt safe and excited about their engagement session.

Final Thoughts

Getting to work with people like Krista and Kevin is always a treat. There were tons of magical moments at this Palos Verdes engagement photoshoot.

I would love to photograph an event at this venue again. Exploring Neighborhood Church and RAT Beach was a blast, and I loved shooting during Blue Hour, too. At the end of the day, we had everything we needed for a lovely engagement session.

Palos Verdes is a perfect place for a photo shoot, especially with a wonderful couple. There are plenty more places to explore at Neighborhood Church, and I’d be thrilled to shoot there again. 

Planning a Palos Verdes engagement session? I’d love to connect with you!


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