Engaged couple sharing an embrace in front of the fountain at Greystone Mansion, captured by Christopher Brown Weddings

January 25, 2023

Tatiyana And Jakob’s Classy Greystone Mansion Engagement Photos

I absolutely loved taking these beautiful, elegant, and classy Greystone Mansion engagement photos for Tatiyana, a local from LA, and Jakob, who was from Norway. The couple and the location were just fantastic. To help you understand why I’ll start with the venue.

Why Choose Greystone Mansion

Greystone Mansion is a special place in the heart of Beverly Hills. It offers the perfect setting to capture beautiful engagement photos. Every venue like Greystone Mansion deserves its own separate section like this one, listing out everything that makes it a perfect choice for couples looking to do an engagement shoot or wedding there. What makes me most want to recommend this venue to couples though, aside from how beautiful it is, is how many different photo spots there are on the grounds.

To be a little more clear, for your Greystone Mansion engagement photos you have options to shoot by the gated entrance, the mansion, and the gardens, including staircases, terraces, by fountains, hedges, stone paths, well-maintained lawns, beautiful architecture, and so much more. Greystone Mansion is one of those venues with enough photo spots to fill a whole day, and I’m happy to help you make those work, just like I did with Tatiyana and Jakob.

Tatiyana And Jakob’s Greystone Mansion Engagement Photos

I have to say, the whole photo session for Tatiyana and Jakob’s Greystone Mansion engagement photos was incredible. Tatiyana and Jakob were wonderful to work with, and they really enjoyed spending these moments together in such a beautiful, peaceful setting. It was hard not to spend all our time just photographing the two of them as they walked around. It was easy to see how much in love they were, and I was happy to capture that for them.

Also, for those who are concerned, just know there aren’t that many people photographing here because you need a permit to do so. Overall, the owners of Greystone Mansion keep it very peaceful, and it’s a great place for a wedding or engagement shoot.

For their Greystone Mansion engagement photos, Tatiyana and Jakob had a wish list of spots they wanted photos in. My goal is always to make sure my clients get what they want. So, I made sure to make that happen. 

For their Greystone Mansion engagement photos list, we photographed them enjoying the beautiful courtyards, gardens, stonework, fountains, arches, and more. My favorite of all of them though was perfectly timing the lighting for their Rolls Royce images close to sunset. It’s not easy getting photos like those, but they came out just as we all hoped they would. I’m happy they enjoyed them!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who has experience with and loves Greystone Mansion as much as you do, let me know. I’m happy to work with you on how to get all your must-have shots, no matter how difficult they are. So, let’s work together to create some beautiful moments you can share together. I’m looking forward to it!


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